Causes of Runner’s Knee

Runner’s Knee is a form of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) that’s commonly associated with runners and other athletes. Whenever excessive strain and force is placed on the knee, there’s a chance of developing this condition. Runner Knee may only cause a dull aching sensation behind the knee, or it can result in debilitating pain that keeps you from participating in the sports and activities you enjoy. Here we’ll take a look at some of the most common causes of Runner’s ...

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Treating a Pinched Nerve Through Chiropractic Services

Suffering from a pinched nerve may result in mild-to-severe pain in the affected area. This condition occurs when too much pressure in placed on one or more nerves running through the body, and as a result the nerve becomes blocked off. Things like bones, joints, muscles and cartilage pushing up against a nerve can all contribute to this condition. If you believe you are experiencing a pinched nerve, keep reading to learn how the services of a professional chiropractor can ...

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Chiropractic Services For Improved Blood Circulation

It’s no secret that most people today don’t get their recommended amount of daily exercise. When you sit behind a computer desk in an office for eight or more hours, it’s nearly impossible to find time for “recreational” exercise. As a result, the blood flow in your body gradually slows down. This opens up a whole world of new problems, including upping your risk of developing heart disease and other forms of illness. So, how are you supposed to prevent ...

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Benefits of Receiving a Thai Massage

Originating out of Thailand over 2,000 years ago, Thai massage is an ancient system where mild-to-moderate amounts of pressure are placed throughout the body. When the muscles are stretched and pulled, they naturally begin to relax. If you are noticing tension built up in your body, then perhaps you should consider receiving a Thai massage. The truth is, however, that reduced tension is just one of the many benefits associated with this ancient form of massage.

Most people are familiar with ...

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How a Chiropractor Can Treat Common Rib Injuries

Rib injuries are a common occurrence that can result from automobile accidents, playing sports, falling from ladders, or basic physical trauma. The condition is usually accompanied by pain, discomfort and inflammation in the chest. Depending on the severity of the situation, a rib injury can make it painful for the individual to breathe or laugh. The good news is that a professional chiropractor can offer relief by treating the condition with a manual adjustment.

It’s important to note that there are ...

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