Chiropractic Care For Student-Athletes

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The middle and high school sports seasons are well underway, and with the championship season on the horizon, student-athletes are looking to optimize performance and avoid injury. Even when they are not injured, chiropractic care can be a great way to support the goals of student-athletes.


Preventing Injury

These days, middle and high schools sports are becoming increasingly intense. Students are required to be at practice or at games for five or six days per week, and they may even be attending both morning and evening practices. What’s more, many students are three-season athletes. For instance, an average high school guy might play soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter and baseball in the spring. There are also more and more students who are specializing early: a runner, for example, might run cross-country in the fall, indoor track in the winter, and outdoor track in the spring. Exerting all of this stress on the body has the potential to lead to injury, but by keeping the musculoskeletal system properly aligned, chiropractic care can limit this possibility.

In addition to the physical stress of training, many high school students experience psychological stress as well. They may be under pressure to perform well for the good of their team, or to impress college recruiters. At the same time, they have to balance classes, clubs, and a social life with their athletic commitments. Chiropractic care affects both the neurological and skeletal systems, so it can support the wellness of the mind and body that student-athletes need to succeed in school, avoid burnout, and enjoy their middle and high school years.

Improving Performance

In almost all sports, proper form is crucial. This is particularly true for sports that involve running, since good posture can increase efficiency. However, if the body is out of alignment, it is harder to maintain good form. For a baseball player, that could mean the difference between reaching home plate or getting tagged out. For a sprinter, good posture could mean getting the win or getting out-leaned at the finish line. Because proper body alignment can lead to better posture, a regular chiropractic adjustment could help a student-athlete achieve better performance throughout the season.

Another factor that can affect form and posture is nagging pain. Many high school athletes who aren’t officially “injured” still deal with pesky minor injuries, like runner’s knee or plantar fasciitis. The pain may be mild, allowing them to train through without taking time away from competition, but it could hang around for months or even years, and ultimately limit the athlete’s performance potential. Even worse, nagging hip pain could cause the athlete to limp a little, but over time, this imbalance could place excessive pressure on the other leg and precipitate a more serious injury. Chiropractic care can help support healing and enable athletes to avoid over-compensating for nagging pains.

Every student-athlete’s situation is different, so it’s important for students and parents to meet with providers to discuss how chiropractic care can fit into their training plan. Contact Atlanta Chiropractic and Wellness today to schedule an appointment!

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