A Comparison of Traditional and Chiropractic Care for Migraines

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For those that suffer from migraines, finding a long-term solution to the overwhelming headaches can be a long process. Traditional medicine offers a variety of pills, many of which focus on pain relief, serotonin levels, or nausea and vomiting symptoms. Alternatively, chiropractic care offers spinal manipulation. Both alternative and traditional remedies have options for migraine sufferers. A 2000 study provides a short comparative analysis of these options and their effectiveness for a small group of people in Australia.

One the issues with traditional approaches, according to the study, is the longevity of relief from the symptoms. To maintain migraine-free periods, many of the pills have to be taken regularly.  The study quotes that 73% of people had relief from DHE-45 and 85% had relief from sumatriptan succinate. Traditional medicine can provide very effective options for addressing migraines. However, these pills do have a limited time of effectiveness. Within 24 hours, almost half of the group that had relief from sumatriptan succinate had a recurrence of a migraine. The DHE-45 group had a smaller recurrence, only 18%. Those that choose the traditional medicine path may want to seek additional treatments to address the long-term recurrence of migraines

The 2000 study referenced above evaluated the effect of spinal manipulation therapy on migraines. The results were promising, as participants rated a decrease in the duration, intensity and frequency of their migraines. For those seeking a long-term solution to migraines, the study also demonstrated that 50% of the migraine sufferers reported a decrease in how often their migraines occurred. An interesting finding is that many participants linked their migraines to stress. Future studies might evaluate how chiropractic care can address or reduce stress levels in patients.

Both traditional and chiropractic care can provide some relief to migraine sufferers. To address immediate symptoms, traditional medicine offers many options that have a high effectiveness at treating symptoms. Chiropractic care, however, might reduce migraines over time well through stress relief or the spinal manipulation treatment. As with any wellness program, people have to evaluate what works best for them. A mix of traditional and chiropractic may be a good option for some. The traditional medicine is available to address symptoms and the chiropractic care may work to resolve long-term migraines.

Finding the right balance requires working with both traditional doctors and chiropractors. Consulting with both a doctor and a chiropractor is an excellent way to begin assessing what balances works best. To begin a consultation with an established chiropractor, you can give us a call at Atlanta Chiropractic and Wellness to schedule an appointment.


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