Back to School Part 2: Chiropractic Care for College Students

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Last week on the blog, we talked about the ways that establishing care with your local Atlanta chiropractor can be a great way to get the school year started off right for K-12 students. But it’s also back to school time for college students, and starting a routine of chiropractic care can be just as beneficial for students who are working toward a degree. If you are a young adult studying at a university in Atlanta, chiropractic care can help you deal with the challenges of life as a college student. Read on to learn more about some of the benefits.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help College Students

For students who are starting college for the first time, the transition from living at home during high school to living on campus or in an apartment is one of the most significant of your entire life. Not only will you be adjusting to living away from home for the first time, but you will also be dealing with the academic and social challenges of college life. As you advance in your college career, the school work only gets harder, and relationships can get even more complicated. Here are a few ways that chiropractic care might be able to help you make the most of your college career:


  • Staying relaxed. Of all the things that college students complain about, stress is one of the most common. For college students, sources of stress can vary widely, and stress often comes from unexpected places — you might be worried about finishing coursework on time, studying for upcoming exams, making new friends, and finding the time to keep your side of the dorm room clean. As the stressers pile up, they can easily become overwhelming. However, studies show that getting a chiropractic adjustment can boost the level of alpha brain waves, which are responsible for relaxation. It can also help address structural imbalances that may arise from stress-associated muscle tension.
  • Staying focused. College is full of distractions. With so much on your mind — from a seminar you plan to attend to a club you are thinking about joining to Friday’s biggest party — it can sometimes be hard to buckle down and study. You might even encounter students who illegally use ADHD drugs, like ritalin, to motivate themselves for academic work. To avoid the negative implications of poor choices like this, consider chiropractic care as an all-natural way to help yourself concentrate. Spinal manipulation can improve blood flow, ensuring that your brain gets all of the oxygen and nutrients it needs to function at an optimal level. There are even studies suggesting that spinal manipulation can reduce symptoms of ADHD, so it can be a valuable therapy for college students who are coping with this increasingly common disorder.
  • Eating well. In order to be successful in college, proper nutrition is a must. Everyone talks about how college students subsist on cheap, unhealthy food like Ramen noodles and takeout pizza, but studies show that adopting these poor eating habits while you are young can cause serious long-term health problems as you get older. And even if you are serious about healthy eating as a college student, it can be hard to figure out how to plan your daily meals when you no longer have access to your parents’ refrigerator. Nutritional counseling from a chiropractor navigate the dining hall and/or the grocery store so that you can develop a dietary routine that supports your physical and mental health and wellness in college — and for the rest of your life.
  • Avoiding sports injuries. If you are a competitive college athlete, avoiding injury is one of the highest things on your priority list. Not only can injury affect a scholarship you may have, but it can also interfere with your chances to play the sport you love and be part of a team at the collegiate level. A regular chiropractic adjustment can help address structural imbalances that could eventually result in an overuse injury or chronic pain that keeps you off the field.
  • Avoiding injuries from recreational exercise. Even if you are not on your university’s sports team, a chiropractic adjustment can still be a good idea. Just like eating well, motivating yourself to get regular exercise is an important part of establishing health routines that last a lifetime. It can be a lot more difficult to drag yourself to the gym if you are dealing with a nagging injury or chronic pain, so a regular chiropractic adjustment can help you make sure that you don’t fall short of your exercise goals.

Atlanta Chiropractic and Wellness provides a variety of chiropractic services, including spinal adjustment and nutritional support. Our services can meet the needs of college students who are rising to the variety of challenges that you face in today’s complex university environment. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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