Benefits of Receiving a Thai Massage

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Originating out of Thailand over 2,000 years ago, Thai massage is an ancient system where mild-to-moderate amounts of pressure are placed throughout the body. When the muscles are stretched and pulled, they naturally begin to relax. If you are noticing tension built up in your body, then perhaps you should consider receiving a Thai massage. The truth is, however, that reduced tension is just one of the many benefits associated with this ancient form of massage.

Most people are familiar with Swedish massages, which focus on kneading out the muscles and tissue. It’s the most common type of massage here in the U.S. with millions of people seeking to have it done each year. With that said, Thai massages have become increasingly popular due to their long list of unique benefits. Unlike Swedish massages, Thai massages use trigger points to force energy throughout the body.

Thai massages focus on nearly every part of the human body, offering relief to your muscles, joints and tissue. Depending on where you are having the massage done, you may be asked to wear loose clothing so your body will have more room to move around. Certain Thai massage parlors will offer this clothing, but others may require you to bring it. Check ahead of time to see the clothing requirements are and whether or not you need to bring anything.

It’s important to note that most professional Thai massages are done on a padded floor mat. This is necessary for the masseuse to fully access all of your body. Simply having the massage done in a traditional Swedish massage chair will limit its effectiveness. By getting on the floor, the masseuse will be able to perform a more thorough and complete massage.

There’s some belief that Thai massages encourage faster healing in the human body. Since these massages encourage better energy flow throughout the body, they should naturally lead to faster healing. Thai massages also improve fluid drainage in the body. When pressure is forced on your tissue and muscles, it will encourage some of the built-up fluids to drain. This is why most people have the urge to urinate after receiving a Thai massage.

Thai massages will also greatly reduce your stress levels. Let’s face it, most of us live hectic, stress-filled lives. Going about your day-to-day life full of stress is not only bad for mind, but it can also manifest through physical illness as well. Studies have shown that stressed individuals are more likely to suffer from disease and illness. Thankfully, you can naturally lower your stress levels by receiving a professional Thai massage.

A lesser-known benefit of Thai massages is the fact that they promote better digestion. A typical Thai massage session lasts anywhere between 1-2 hours. During this time, the masseuse will place pressure on certain points throughout the body, which in turn will promote a healthier digestive system. So, book an appointment for a Thai massage to see for yourself why so many people choose them.

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