Celebrating Father’s Day by Focusing on Your Health

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Father’s Day is right around corner–mark you calendar for Sunday, June 17! If you’re a dad, Father’s Day weekend is a great opportunity to spend time with your kids, whether it means going on a hike together, having backyard barbecue, running a Father’s Day 5K, or even just talking on the phone with a son or daughter who lives far away. This year, you may also want to take the time to reflect on your own health. On Father’s Day, you’ll inevitably be reminded of how much your kids appreciate your love and guidance–and how you need to keep yourself healthy so you’ll always be ready to offer them all the support you can. If you’re a dad and and you want to start taking better care of yourself, here are few ideas that you may want to consider over this holiday weekend.


Staying Relaxed with a Regular Massage


Regardless of the age of your kids, being a dad can be stressful. Whether you’re chasing a toddler around the house, coaching a youth soccer team, helping a teenager navigate high school, or trying to give sound financial advice to your adult son or daughter, being a dad is never easy, so no one can blame if you if you end up tense. As we mentioned in last year’s Father’s Day post, deep tissue massage can help dads wind down, both physically and mentally. It also offers a wide range of other health benefits. By adding a regular massage to your schedule this year, you can ensure that you won’t end up too stressed to be the best father you can.


Keeping Your Spine in Alignment

Let’s face it: the job of being a dad often comes along with tough physical labor. On any given day, you might find yourself boosting a child onto your shoulders so they can see over a crowd, helping your newly-minted sixteen-year-old driver change their first tire, or carrying moving boxes into a dorm room or a new apartment. You might not realize it, but these kinds of daily physical strains often lead to spinal column displacement. This can irritate your spinal roots and disrupt key signals to the brain from other parts of your body, which can contribute to a wide range of physical and mental health concerns. When your spine is out of alignment, you’re also at greater risk of illness and injury, both of which can interfere with your fatherly obligations. Therefore, you may want to consider celebrating Father’s Day by committing to regular visits to your chiropractor. If you get adjusted regularly, you can keep your body in alignment–at least, most of the time–so you’ll be in good shape for all of the physical exertion that comes with fatherhood.  


Optimizing Your Hormone Balance as You Get Older


For dads who are getting older, it is important to recognize the reality that your testosterone levels will decline as you age. Testosterone is an important hormone with a variety of energy-related functions, so it has played a key role in keeping you going for all these years–no matter what challenge fatherhood has thrown your way. You know you want to maintain your vitality for the long-term, but many dads shy away from hormone replacement therapy and other testosterone-boosting drugs that can come with debilitating side effects–if only because they can get in the way of spending quality time with your family. A growing trend in men’s health is to choose an all-natural supplement like Testomax. Instead of directly introducing more testosterone into the body, the unique formulation of Testomax combines health-boosting antioxidant compounds with plant-based ingredients like green oat extract and mungbean sprout powder. Together, these, ingredients work synergistically to free up more of the serum-bound testosterone that is already in your system. This optimizes the availability of the testosterone availability in a way that supports your bone health, reduces age-related aches and pains, and helps improve your mood your mood. That way, you won’t have to worry that hormone-related health issues will get in your way of being a great dad as you get older.


Embracing a Healthier Diet


It’s common knowledge that what you put in your body has a significant impact on your health and wellness. As a father, it’s also important to recognize that you’re also constantly modeling healthy eating habits for your kids, which can directly impact their long-term health as well. If you’re not sure whether your eating habits live up to your claim of being the World’s #1 Dad, you may want to consider seeking help from a nutritional counselor, like a chiropractor. From a chiropractor, you can get nutritional advice that you can easily apply in your life, no matter what age you (or your kids) are.


At Atlanta Chiropractic and Wellness, we are dedicated to helping fathers (and families) achieve a wide range of health goals. Contact us today for more information about the products and services we offer!

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