Chiropractic Care For Ear Infections

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There are an estimated 10 million new cases of ear infections (also known as otitis media) each year. The American Chiropractic Associations (ACA) says that ear infections are the single most common reason for pediatrician visits, accounting for nearly a third of all visits. While this condition typically clear up without posing any real threat to the individual’s health, it can still be quite painful, especially in young children. Thankfully, a professional chiropractor can oftentimes treat ear infections through adjustments, manipulations and physical therapy.

So, what causes ear infections? Medical practitioners believe there are several different factors which leave a person at risk for an ear infection, some of which includes allergies, nutritional deficiency, abnormal ear development, prolonged pacifier use in children, and taking certain medicines. Food allergies are also believed to play a major role in childrens’ ear infections. When a child is exposed to a food he or she is allergic to, their body may respond with inflammation and excess mucus production, at which point pressure changes within the ear. This pressure change essentially opens the doors for infection, leaving the child (or adult) vulnerable.

Ear infections occur when the body’s immune system is no longer able to fight off the infectious bacteria or virus. If the individual recently has a cold, flu or stomach bug, their immune system is already weakened and there’s infectious microbes rampaging throughout their system. This is why it’s important to take vitamin C and drink lots of fluids if you are suffering from an infectious illness like the cold or flu.

Another reason why the immune system could be compromised is because of subluxations (partial dislocation). When bones are knocked out of their normal position, the body’s immune system may suffer as a result, leading to ear infections. A professional chiropractor can help guide the partially dislocated bones back to where they belong in safe, effective and painless manner. It may take a dozen adjustment or just one, but a professional chiropractor will work to get the body back into proper alignment; thus, helping to clear up any current ear infections and reduce the chance of future ones.

“Chiropractic mobilizes drainage of the ear in children, and if they can continue to drain without a buildup of fluid and subsequent infection, they build up their own antibodies and recover more quickly. I’ll do adjustments every day or every other day for a couple of days if they’re acute, and then decrease frequency over time,” said Dr. Joan Fallon, a professional chiropractor who practices in New York.

It’s important to note that people with exposed ear tubes are more likely to suffer from ear infections than people with closed tubes. The open tubes may only be the size of a small pin-needle, but they offer the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. Over time, fluid will build up within the ear tubes. A professional chiropractor can assist in draining the tubes while providing guidance on how to prevent ear infections.


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