Chiropractic Care For Trapped Nerve In Neck

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A ‘trapped nerve in the neck’ occurs when pressure is forced against one more of nerves running through the neck, essentially cutting it off from normal functions. The symptoms typically begin with a mild tingling sensation, but this can quickly spread to sharp paining throughout the neck, shoulders and back. Because the pain caused from a trapped nerve in neck can reach the upper back area, some people mistake this condition for traditional back pain. Thankfully, a professional chiropractor can oftentimes treat conditions involving trapped nerves in the neck.

One of the most common causes of a trapped nerve in the neck is from a herniated spinal disc. If one of the upper disc begins to bulge outwards, the pressure this creates may cut off a nerve; thus, resulting in a trapped nerve in the neck. Herniated discs can lead to a wide range of problems, only one of which is a trapped nerve in the neck. In addition, you may experience leg pain, back pain, ‘tingling’ sensation, weakness in or both legs, and bladder/bowel issues. A basic MRI scan will typically reveal whether or not you are suffering from a herniated disc.

If you believe your trapped nerve condition is the result of a herniated disc, you’ll be glad to hear that chiropractors offer treatment options for herniated discs. As the name suggests, a herniated disc is literally caused by the bulging of a spinal disc. A professional chiropractor can oftentimes work the disc back into its original position through a series of manual manipulations and adjustments. It’s a completely painless, non-invasive procedure that’s an all-around better alternative to expensive surgery.

Of course, physical injury and trauma can also result in a trapped nerve in the neck. Sports athletes are placed at a greater risk for developing this condition, especially football and hockey players. Full-contact sports such as these encourage players to hit in the upper-body regions where nerves are connected. Even with proper padding and gear, there’s still a chance of a nerve becoming trapped under pressure.

If you are a sports athlete, fitness trainer, or someone who enjoys high levels of physical activity, you should always be conscious of your back and neck. Do your best to support this area and keep it protected from blunt force trauma. Wearing the right gear is one step in the right direction, but you should also listen to your body. If your neck or back feels tender, give your body time to recover before hitting your activities again. The human body is exceptionally resistant, but it needs down time to rest and recover.

Making a visit to your chiropractor can also prove to be effective for treating trapped nerves in the neck. You have to realize that nerves are oftentimes trapped by misaligned bones, which is exactly what chiropractors specialize in. They’ll perform several alignments to make sure the skeletal system of your body is correct. If any areas are misaligned, the chiropractor will manually adjust them back into place, offering some relief to your trapped nerve.

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