Chiropractic Care May be Effective for Treating Childhood Ear Infections

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Many children suffer from chronic ear infections, and chiropractic care may be able to help. Visiting a traditional doctors typically results in a child being prescribed an antibiotic. The American Academy of Pediatrics confirms that ear infections are the most common reason that antibiotics are prescribed to children. For parents that would like to avoid using antibiotics, chiropractic care might be a good alternative.

A 1997 study of 332 children between the ages of 27 days and 5 years suggested that chiropractic care may decrease the recurrence of ear infections. For children with acute ear infections, the recurrence rate over 6 months was 11 percent. 16 percent of children with chronic (recurring) ear infections had a recurrence over the 6 months in which they received chiropractic care. The results seem promising, as do other preliminary studies evaluating the impact of chiropractic care. However, unlike many chiropractic studies, which rely on parents and children to provide feedback on the quality of the care, this study used a medical measuring system called tympanography to evaluate how effective the treatment was. This procedure uses a contrast medium and radiography to examine the eutaschian tubes and the middle ear. The study is an excellent example of how traditional medical techniques can be used in parallel with chiropractic techniques to improve the researcher’s understanding of the experimental results.

Some parents may be asking at this point – how is an improvement in the recurrence of ear infections possible with chiropractic care? Healthy Child explains how chiropractors aim to treat the source of the problem, which is believed to be misalignments in the spine. The misalignments disrupt nerve function, which may cause a build-up of fluids in the eustachian tubes. Ear infections can result from the build-ups of fluid. Chiropractic care treats these misalignments and is believed to decrease the recurrence of ear infections in the future.

Whatever care option that parents choose, whether traditional or alternative, requires monitoring and evaluation. Although studies point to the potential of chiropractic care to treat ear infections, it may not be the best solution for some children. Occasionally, a child may have a minor reaction to the treatment. This is not a reason to be alarmed as many children have reactions to medications such as antibiotics as well. Parents might want to see the results of each type of treatment, either singly or in combination, to determine the best course for their child’s well-being.

At Atlanta Chiropractic and Wellness, we work with parents to develop a plan that best suits their child’s needs. Since every case is different, we urge parents to schedule an appointment to discuss their child’s unique situation.

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