Chiropractic Treatment For Meralgia Paresthetica

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Meralgia paresthetica is a condition where the spinal nerve is compressed, resulting in pain, numbness and a tingling sensation running through the upper thigh area. Allowing the nerve to remain compressed will only result in the condition growing worse over time. However, a professional chiropractor can offer a wide range services to help treat meralgia paresthetica and soothe some of its unwanted symptoms.

Although the symptoms vary on a case-by-case basis, most people suffering from meralgia paresthetica report a sharp pain constantly running through the affected thigh. The constant pins-and-needles pain can make it difficult for people with meralgia paresthetica to perform normal everyday tasks. And to make matters worse, it’s oftentimes accompanied by a burning, aching and general numbness sensation that can extend all the way from the thigh to the buttocks.

There are dozens of different factors which can contribute to meralgia paresthetica. Physical injury/trauma is one of the most common causes of meralgia paresthetica. When a blunt force injury occurs to the lower back, there’s a chance of the nerve becoming compressed here. This is why it’s important for people to have a routine checkup by their physician after being in an automobile accident. If the nerve becomes compressed, symptoms of meralgia paresthetica may not present themselves until several days afterwords.

Sudden weight gain is also believed to be a contributing factor to meralgia paresthetica. The additional weight compresses organs, nerves and tissue together. If the weight happens to develop around the particular spinal nerve responsible for this condition, you may develop meralgia paresthetica. On this same principle, however, sudden weight loss is also a contributing factor to meralgia paresthetica. When an individual loses weight rapidly, it leaves the nerves exposed and vulnerable to physical injury.

You might be surprised to learn that wearing tight-fitted clothing can lead to meralgia paresthetica. Since the nerve is located directly under the skin, even minor compression from clothing may contribute to this condition. If you are concerned about developing this condition, pay close attention to not only your clothes but also things like your seat belt, belts, vests, etc.

A chiropractor can help alleviate some of the pain and discomfort caused by meralgia paresthetica through a wide range of treatment options. The exact treatment will vary depending on your particular condition. First and foremost, the chiropractor will perform a thorough physical examination to determine the location of your compressed nerve. Next, they will go over the different treatment options available.

A light tissue massage along with stretching exercises can yield significant improvements in meralgia paresthetica. The goal in treating this condition is to reduce compression on the nerve, which is why a light tissue massage works well. Be sure to call or email the Atlanta Chiro and Wellness team for a professional quote.

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