Chiropractor Treatment For Shoulder Impingement

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Shoulder impingement is a common condition that occurs when the shoulder bone forcefully presses or rubs against either the tendons or the bursa. Those suffering from this condition will likely experience a moderate amount of pain due along with inflammation around the rotator cuff. While shoulder impingement is more common in athletes and individuals with high levels of physical activity, anyone can develop the condition at any time in their life

For a better understanding of shoulder impingement, you must first take a closer look at how the shoulder functions. The groove of the shoulder is comprised of tendons and muscles on one end and bone on the other. Normally, there’s enough space between the tendons and bones to prevent them from ever touching. However, those suffering from shoulder impingement will have a more narrow space where the bone rubs or impinges, against the tendons and bursa. It may only occur when the individual is trying to raise his or her arm, which naturally pushes the bone towards the tendons.

It’s easy to feel lost and hopeless when you are no longer able to freely move your arm, but there are treatment options available for those suffering from shoulder impingement. The first step in recovery is to have your condition professionally diagnosed. A physical examination along with a x-ray should reveal whether or not you are suffering from an impinged shoulder. Once the condition is diagnosed, you can then work on treating it.

Taking a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) drug may offer some temporary relief for the pain and swelling associated with shoulder impingement. To treat the root cause of the problem, however, a professional chiropractor will likely recommend a series of adjustments to help strengthen and stretch the affected area. When the posterior capsule is tightened, it can make the shoulder difficult to move. A professional chiropractor, however, is trained to release the tension here to allow for greater shoulder mobility. This will naturally reduce some of the pain and mobility problems caused by shoulder impingement.

The cause of shoulder impingement could be related to the spine or shoulder blade being slightly out of alignment. If one or more of the surrounding shoulder bones has shifted towards the tendons and bursa, you are likely to experience symptoms caused by this all-too-common condition. A professional chiropractor is fully trained in dealing with shoulder and spine alignments. They’ll perform an examination to see what’s causing your condition and how they can best treat it. Using this information, they’ll discuss your treatment options and advise you on which they recommend. A couple of adjustments and alignments may help to guide the bones back into their normal position, essentially curing you of your shoulder impingement.

Shoulder impingement is a painful condition that can lower your quality of life. The constant swelling and throbbing sensation can make it difficult to perform normal, everyday tasks. If you are suffering from shoulder impingement or any other type of shoulder pain, talk with your chiropractor to see how they can help.

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