Does my Healthcare Insurance Cover Chiropractic Care?

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Before visiting a chiropractor, many people review their health insurance to certify that chiropractic care is covered. Thankfully, it is becoming more common for insurance providers to partially or fully cover both chiropractic care and acupuncture in addition to traditional medicine. The coverage varies between insurance providers. However, there are questions that people can ask their insurance provider to get a better idea of the chiropractic care coverage.

What aspects of chiropractic care are covered?

Many insurance providers only cover the cost of the spinal manipulation and only when it is medically necessary. For example, Medicaid Part B covers spinal manipulation only if it is medically necessary. However, the coverage does not include additional tests or services ordered by the chiropractor. If a chiropractor recommends massage therapy, that service will not be covered. Additional x-rays or diagnostic tests will also not be covered. The patient will be responsible for the full cost in some cases.

What portion do I have to pay?

Each insurance provider is likely to have a slightly different payment structure. Medicaid covers 80% of the cost of chiropractic care. The patient is responsible for the other 20% of the cost until the deductible is met. Other providers may limit the number of visits that are covered. When the limit is exceeded, the patient is responsible for the full cost. Even if chiropractic care is covered, it doesn’t necessary mean that the payment plan works for each person. Patients that regularly use chiropractic care should look for plans that cover a good portion of the costs.

How many visits are allowed?

Because many insurance providers only cover a limited number of visits, it’s important for patients to know when they’ve reached the limit. After exceeding the number of visits, patients often are required to pay in full. This is not a good situation when a patient is halfway through a chiropractic treatment. Comparing the number of covered visits and the number of recurring visits that the chiropractor recommends will help patients to see if the insurance coverage meets their needs.

While insurance providers are increasingly covering chiropractic care, there are still limitations that patients should note. Every insurance provider is slightly different. Patients who know their plan well can work with chiropractors to create a wellness plan that works for them. For example, a patient that knows only 20 visits are covered can work with a chiropractor to make the best use of those 20 appointments. Every situation is different, so feel free to call us at Atlanta Chiropractic and Wellness to schedule an appointment about your specific needs.

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