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Have you ever had an experience where something small caused a large amount of discomfort? Take getting a splinter in your finger for example. If left untreated, an insignificant splinter, irritating a nerve, can driveEast Atlanta Chiropractor - Our office serves many people from the East Atlanta Neighborhood you out of your mind. Now imagine that someone suggests taking medication to curb the pain. What?

Why in the world would I consume chemicals to solve a physical problem? I’d simply remove the splinter. Exactly. And that’s primarily what a chiropractor provides: relief from nerve-centered aches and pains without resorting to drugs or surgery, with a special emphasis on the spine.

Benefits Of A Chiropractor, East Atlanta Or Anywhere Else!

No matter what disease or condition you may be suffering with, you can always benefit by maintaining a healthy spine. The body’s central nervous system is adversely affected when spinal bones are misaligned, and since the nervous system ‘runs the show’ from head to toe, it is of vital importance to make certain that your nervous system is operating in tip-top shape. And the one person who can help is (drum roll please): a great chiropractor.

Looking For The Best In East Atlanta Chiropractic Care? If you live in East Atlanta, chiropractic care of the finest quality is literally right around the corner. Atlanta Chiropractic and Wellness is conveniently located at 608 Mooreland Avenue, on the corner of Moreland and North Avenue tucked away in the glass block building on the corner – you know the building right?. . . It’s the one you’ve probably driven by at least a thousand times before.

The East Atlanta Chiropractor You Already Know!

Located in Little Five Points just down the road in East Atlanta, Chiropractic and Wellness’ amicable team of specialists are certified in administering various types of treatments designed for optimum health: massage, hydrotherapy, spinal disc decompression, naturopathic medicine, and breast thermography – a safe radiation-free alternative to regular mammograms. And with special pricing available for clients without insurance, Atlanta Chiropractic And Wellness puts their patients health first.

During treatment, the doctors at Atlanta Chiropractic and Wellness employ gentle physical manipulation (known as chiropractic adjustment) along and around the spine’s delicate joints and muscles to release any blockages and promote a stronger flow of energy.

As a result, regular chiropractic therapy can promote greater flexibility, enhanced motion range, increased energy, and help maintain a stronger immune system.

Don’t Wait Until The Pain Is Too Great: If you were in need of an experienced East Atlanta chiropractor, you could waste a lot of precious time (and prolong your physical pain) browsing the internet. Or you could simply give the folks at Atlanta Chiropractic And Wellness a call right immediately . . . like right now.

Unfortunately, we often turn to chiropractors as a last resort when physical pain becomes unbearable, which is usually a moment too late. A better strategy would be to incorporate a chiropractic visit as part of your regular care and prevent the agony from taking root in the first place. You may also be pleasantly surprised when you notice some unexpected side benefits like better posture, fewer headaches, and more energy.

There’s a simple reason that for well over a century, chiropractic techniques have become a regular practice for millions of people all over the world: they work. Period.

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