Have an Easier Pregnancy and Delivery With Chiropractic Services

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If you are pregnant, you should take advantage of the full range of services offered by a chiropractor. Doing so could result in an easier, safer pregnancy. Professional chiropractors are trained to identify misaligned bones and body parts and fix them through alignments. A couple sessions at your local chiropractor’s office may take some of the burden of pregnancy off your shoulders.

Those nine full months of pregnancy are both exciting and frightening times for most women. No matter how hard you try to relax, you’ll constantly be worrying about your unborn baby in the back of your mind. Having ultrasounds performed will give you the peace of mind knowing they are okay, but a chiropractor can also check for common problems as well. Chiropractors use a variety of tools, including physical examinations and x-rays to identify possible problems in or around the womb.

A misaligned pelvis is one of the most common problems experienced during pregnancy. As the womb grows at a rapid pace, it may force the pelvis bone out of its normal position. When this occurs, you may experience back pain, inflammation and discomfort. To make make matters worse, a misaligned pelvis will increase your delivery time by making the birth canal more narrow. The good news is that all of this can be prevented by seeking the services of a professional chiropractor. Through manual manipulations and adjustments, they’ll guide your misaligned pelvis back into its normal, healthy position.

A chiropractor may also be able to prepare the fetus for childbirth by adjusting it towards the birth canal. It’s no secret that unborn babies move in all sorts of directions while they are still in the womb. If they haven’t moved back into position for childbirth, delivery will take longer and it will likely be more intense. Talk with your chiropractor to see if they can adjust your fetus in a more labor-friendly position.

Nausea is a common side effect of pregnancy, and it’s estimated that around 75% of all women will experience it. However, you can reduce some of your morning sickness by visiting a chiropractor. Through manual adjustments and alignments, they’ll fix problematic areas within your body to balance your chemistry. One of the side effects of chiropractic treatments reported by pregnant women is a reduction in morning sickness.

Recent studies have shown that pregnant women who received chiropractic services experience an average of 25% shorter childbirths than those who did not receive chiropractic services. That may seem like a small number, but that boils down to several hours in most cases. These services are all noninvasive and performed right in the chiropractor’s office.

Pregnancy and childbirth don’t have to be a painfully long and drawn out process. Ask your chiropractor what kind of treatment options that offer for pregnancy. Having just a couple manipulations and adjustments performed could yield huge benefits for both you and your unborn baby.


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