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December is here, and that means constant holiday parties and events for the next month. Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, there is no shortage of festivities, so as a host, it can be hard to find ways to make your holiday party stand out from the rest. If you’re hosting a holiday party this year — whether it’s a work party for everyone at the office or an annual family get-together — there are a few things you may want to consider during the planning process. Read on for a holiday party planning guide that can ensure that your celebration will be a success.

Chair Massage: A Unique Addition to Any Holiday Party

When it comes to holiday parties, there are certain activities that get old fast. Cookie exchanges, Secret Santas, and Ugly Sweater contests are all fun, but a person can only take so many in a single holiday season. When your event is competing with lots of other holiday parties, adding a unique twist can ensure that yours will be the one that everyone is still talking about come January. This year, why not consider trying chair massage?

There reason you should choose chair massage for this year’s holiday party is simple: It is something your guests will truly appreciate. Consider the benefits of chair massage in each of these holiday party settings:

  • Office / work party. Of all the types of holiday parties, truly enjoyable work parties are probably the hardest to pull off. Many employees view the annual office party as an obligation rather than a celebration, which can make any activity — from an ornament exchange to a holiday dinner — feel awkward and forced. Not so with chair massage. After all of their hard work, your employees deserve some relaxation, and chair massage will provide just that. By making chair massage available at your office work party, you can boost employee morale and keep your employees’ spirits high throughout the holiday season and into the new year.  
  • Family get-together. A family-get together can be tough to navigate. On the one hand, you know that your family loves you no matter what. On the other hand, things get tense fast when touchy subjects come up. Whether it’s your aunt’s passive-aggressive comments about your lifestyle choices or your cousin’s alarming political punditry, there are certain aspects of family get-togethers that are better to avoid. If you want to keep everyone happy and relaxed this year, choosing chair massage just makes sense. It can serve as an excellent distraction= for when uncomfortable topics creep up in the conversation. And by the time the party is over, every family member will be so holly-jolly that no one will remember the tense moments. Plus, you can get multiple chair massage therapists at a time, so there won’t even be quarrels about who gets to go first!
  • Community fundraising event. The holidays are the season of giving, so if you’re involved in a community organization — like a charity, school, or church group — you might be organizing a fundraising event. If you’re hosting an event like a ticketed banquet or a holiday carnival, bringing in a chair massage therapist can be a great way to draw in donors.

Planning the Party Platter

When it comes to planning the food for your holiday party, the Golden Rule applies: Treat others the way you want to be treated. Ideally, you should offer a variety of foods that can work for lots of different people, regardless of their dietary restrictions. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to go out of your way to buy the fanciest gluten-free desserts on the market, but you should try to make sure that you include options that could work for anyone. By offering a mix of healthy foods and holiday treats, you can ensure that no one at your party is left feeling hungry and left out.

While cookie recipes abound, it can be harder to find healthier options that will appeal to all of the party-goers at your get-together. Here are a few delicious, no-hassle additions for your party platter that can appeal to your health-conscious guests.

  • Sliced vegetables with a low-fat yogurt-based dip
  • Whole grain crackers with hummus
  • Fresh fruit paired with feta cheese
  • Shrimp dipped in salsa (a healthier alternative to traditional cocktail sauce)

Preparing Yourself for the Party

As you plan your holiday event, your mind is inevitably on the needs of your guests, but during this busy holiday season, it is important to make time for your own physical and mental health. Getting regular exercise, maintaining a relatively healthy diet, and effectively managing your chronic pain are all important ways to ensure that you will still be in good spirits by the time the day of your event arrives. That way, you will be the best host you can be!


Atlanta Chiropractic and Wellness is here for you this holiday season. We offer chair massage for holiday events, and we can help you stay centered and sane throughout the holiday season. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings!

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