Post-Thanksgiving Detox Strategies: Support to Get You Through the Holiday Season

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If you’re like many Americans, you may spend the weekend after Thanksgiving remembering why we only subject our digestive systems to the holiday once every year. Thanksgiving food brings back great memories, and you probably justified your decision to dig into every dish based on the fact that you won’t find stuffing, cranberry sauce, and marshmallow yams on the table again until next November. While a single day of overeating probably won’t derail your diet or weight loss goals, your digestive system may not be so thankful that it got hit with an unexpectedly large amount of food. Going into the holiday season, you might want to consider post-Thanksgiving detox strategies that can help clear out your system and keep your digestive system moving throughout the holiday season.

Starting a Detoxifying Prebiotic Fiber Supplement

One effective way to healthfully cleanse your digestive system is with prebiotic fiber supplements. Prebiotic fiber supports a healthy digestive system by stimulating probiotic microflora in your gut, which naturally promotes elimination. By restoring normalcy to your digestive system, a prebiotic supplement can help you recover from your Thanksgiving meal, leaving you feeling clean and confident as you head into the holiday season.

Some of the supplements on the market today, such as TruFiber, include a combination of all-natural and proprietary prebiotics. Inulin, a natural prebiotic, is isolated from chicory roots. It can work synergistically with SunFiber, an ingredient that is scientifically tailored to promote digestive regularity. Together, these prebiotic fibers can help your body process that Thanksgiving dinner, leaving you less bloated and stuffed when December starts and the holiday party circuit gets underway.

A detoxifying prebiotic supplement can also support healthy digestion of seasonal foods that are unfamiliar to your body because they only come around once a  year. Sometimes, eating unfamiliar foods like these can cause GI distress, but a fiber supplement can allow you to enjoy these treats so that you won’t end up with unexpected stomach troubles after every holiday get-together.

Using Nutrition to Neutralize Free Radicals

When your body processes a large meal, like Thanksgiving dinner, the enzymatic reactions involved in metabolism inevitably generate damaging free radicals. Free radicals cause oxidative stress and are associated with many chronic health conditions and diseases. There are a variety of detoxifying supplements that can help reduce free radical damage caused by normal body processes. These include: S-acetyl glutathione, N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), and alpha-lipoic acid (ALA).

Not only can detoxifying antioxidant supplements help reduce free radical damage, but they also support the health of your liver. There are several reasons why this is particularly important to think about as you go into the holiday season:

  • The liver plays an important role in nutrient absorption. During the holiday season, you may allocating a few more of your daily calories to foods that aren’t as nutrient-dense as you might otherwise choose — special treats like cookies and cakes. If your liver is functioning optimally, it ensures that your body makes the most of the healthy foods you are eating the rest of the time.
  • During the holiday season, you may find yourself at parties with a glass of wine in your hand more often than you otherwise would. If your liver is in top shape at the start of the holiday season, it is more likely that your body will be able to efficiently manage the slight increase in alcohol intake.
  • The health of your liver is directly related to the functioning of your immune system, and there are a lot of things that can increase your risk of getting sick during the holidays, such as the cold weather, the higher levels of stress, and the increased amount of time you spend in close quarters with other people at holiday parties. By detoxing after Thanksgiving, you can reduce the chances that your will end up getting sick during the holidays.

Detoxifying Don’ts: What to Avoid

When it comes to post-Thanksgiving detox and cleansing strategies, there are a few mistakes that many people make that you should avoid. Here are a few key DON’Ts that you should avoid:

  • Trying to work off an entire Thanksgiving meal in one big exercise session. This can destroy your motivation to exercise regularly, and it can also lead to injury — making it harder for you to exercise regularly for the rest of the holiday season.
  • Starving yourself for the week after Thanksgiving. If you try this strategy, you will probably just end up bingeing later, which can disrupt your weight loss efforts and wreak more havoc on your digestive system.

If you’re looking to stay healthy this holiday season, Atlanta Chiropractic and Wellness has everything you need. Contact us today to learn more about the nutritional supplements we offer and to schedule an appointment!

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