Relieving Hip Pain Through Chiropractic Adjustments

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If you are living with hip pain, perhaps you should seek the services offered by a professional chiropractor. They offer a wide range of noninvasive services designed to target the root cause of hip pain. A professional chiropractor can perform a physical examination of the area to determine exactly what’s causing the problem. Following this examination, they will discuss the best course of treatment tailored towards your specific condition.

Much line the spine, the hip is supported by a protective padding of soft cartilage. When we move our body, this cartilage prevents the femur from rubbing into the hip bone. However, this cartilage may wear down over time, reducing its effectiveness at protecting the hip. When bone rubs up against bone, it creates a painful sensation that’s comparable to pins and needles.

It’s important to remain active and avoid sitting for long periods of time to help reduce your hip pain. Those sitting in a desk for 8 or more hours a day are at greater risk for developing hip pain. Forcing your body to remain seated for extended lengths of time may cause a slipped spinal disc, which oftentimes results in hip pain. Try to get into the habit of standing up and stretching at least once every 30 minutes if you have an office job. While standing, stretch your arms as far up and down as possible. This simple little routine will help protect your body from common forms of hip and back pain.

Of course, fractures are another common cause of hip pain. If you were recently in an automobile accident, your hip pain is likely due to a fracture. The hip works by connecting to the femur using a cartilage-protected ball and socket joint. Even minor fractures to the femur, hip bone or parts or of the spine could result in debilitating pain.

The good news is that a professional chiropractor can typically identify the cause of your hip pain through a physical examination. Using this information, they will discuss some of the treatment options available. Some people assume hip pain comes with age, but simply isn’t true. Nine out of ten times, there’s a treatable cause for the pain. It’s up to you, however, to take the initiative to find it.

A chiropractor may recommend a serious of manual adjustment and alignments to help guide the hip bone back into its normal position. This is a completely painless procedure that’s done in the comfort of their office. When the hip bone is knocked out of its normal position, it may create a painful sensation anytime you move it. Thankfully, this is a simple condition that’s treatable through adjustments and alignments.

Depending on your specific condition, a chiropractor may also recommend an exercise regime to help build muscle around the hip. The more muscle surrounding the hip, the more protection it will have against fractures and misalignment. This is another reason why its important to avoid sitting for long periods of time.


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