Beat Chronic Fatigue and Take Your Life Back


hronic fatigue plagues many people, often interfering with daily activities like work and physical activity. The exact cause of chronic fatigue is often unknown, however, a variety of symptoms have been associated with chronic fatigue.

  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Headaches
  • Poor memory and concentration
  • Mental exhaustion
  • Depression
  • Muscle weakness
  • Sore throat
  • Stress

How is our approach different?

Chronic fatigue can be crippling and conventional medicine doesn’t always have lasting and effective treatments for fatigue. The doctors at Progressive have over 100 years of combined physician experience in integrative medicine. They know that fatigue can be caused by many factors and they have a wide selection of natural treatments to help resolve persistent fatigue.

Your practitioner at Progressive Medical will evaluate your history and symptoms to look for underlying causes of fatigue and provide solutions to alleviate your symptoms. Your practitioner will determine which symptoms are interrupting your daily activities, what events led to your symptoms, and that information will be used as a framework to determine the appropriate testing for you.

Progressive offers a number of functional and metabolic tests to help identify nutrient deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, and gastrointestinal imbalances that may be associated with the symptoms of chronic fatigue. A customized treatment plan, based on your body’s biochemistry, will be designed to maximize results and get you feeling better.

What other symptoms may I be experiencing?

Chronic fatigue is much more than just constantly feeling sleep-deprived. Perhaps you have experienced many of the symptoms associated with chronic fatigue, such as mental exhaustion poor concentration and depression, but never made the link that it is chronic fatigue. It is time to end your frustration with joint pain, poor memory, and muscle weakness and contact the experts at Progressive Medical Center.

How do we treat fatigue?

Our doctors will look for the root cause of your fatigue and develop an individualized treatment protocol to address the source of the symptoms for long-lasting relief. Nutritional and metabolic testing, hormones, and running a stool analysis allows us to create a customized treatment protocol based on your individual test results. Individualized treatment is necessary because we are aware that not all treatments work the same for everyone. Therefore, testing allows us to customize a treatment unique to the needs of each individual. Treatments may include nutritional supplements, dietary changes, hormonal support, lifestyle changes, and detoxification therapies.

What Types of Testing do you Use and Why?

There are many possible causes of chronic fatigue which might be overlooked by other doctors: malnutrition, hormonal imbalance, toxicity, adrenal exhaustion, and psycho-emotional stressors, just to name a few.

Adrenal Stress

Many people are chronically stressed which can lead to fatigue; adrenal testing allows the physicians at Progressive to look more closely at the impact of stress on cortisol and DHEA levels. If you always feel stressed, are having trouble sleeping and waking up, and easily feel overwhelmed by things in life, then you are probably suffering from adrenal fatigue. Testing adrenal function allows our physicians to customize treatments to help raise your energy levels and endurance by supporting adrenal function. Your doctor will also evaluate your lifestyle and determine when it may be necessary to utilize stress management techniques.

Thyroid Function

The thyroid is called the “master regulator” because it is vital for so many systems in the body. Hypothyroid plagues many people and the most commonly reported symptom is chronic fatigue. Thyroid testing allows us to evaluate if your body has adequate thyroid hormones to function properly. We also measure thyroid antibodies to make sure that the immune system is not attacking the thyroid gland. By using your thyroid test results, we can determine the best course of nutritional and dietary treatment to support optimal thyroid function and metabolism.

Heavy Metals

Heavy metals are prevalent in the environment and many people have heavy metals stored in their bodies, whether it is from exposure to water, food, or other ubiquitous sources. Heavy metal testing reveals the levels of heavy metals in your body so your doctors can determine if toxic burden may be an additional cause of your fatigue. Individuals found to have heavy metal burden may benefit from detoxification support to aid in elimination of heavy metals. Many people feel better after clearing toxins from the body because these toxins can damage mitochondria and hamper energy production in every cell of the body.

Food Sensitivities

Food sensitivities are often overlooked as a cause of fatigue. Many of the foods we eat every day, such as dairy and wheat, may contribute to headaches, inflammation, and crippling fatigue as well as numerous other symptoms. Food sensitivity testing will help identify foods that may be causing chronic fatigue. Identifying offending foods also allows our dieticians to tailor a nutritional plan and elimination diet customized to your body’s needs. Sometimes the elimination of a few foods can make all the difference in a person’s energy levels and excitement for life!

Gut Health

Evaluation of the gastrointestinal system using stool testing is important in chronic fatigue because energy metabolism requires a healthy gut. The GI tract is where we digest and absorb nutrients from our food- to make energy. Stool testing allows your doctor to investigate and correct imbalances in the gastrointestinal system. Key areas of investigation are beneficial bacteria, digestion, absorption, immune function, and unfriendly microbes such as pathogenic bacteria, parasites, and fungi. The impact of stress and offending foods may also extend to disturbances in the GI tract. Probiotics, diet, and botanical medicines may be used to heal the gastrointestinal tract, optimize the microbial balance in the GI, and ensure proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. People usually feel healthier, happier, and more energetic when the gut is functioning properly.

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