Staying Relaxed During the Holiday Rush

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It’s the week of Thanksgiving, which means that the holidays are finally here. During the holiday season, there are lots of fun things to look forward to — putting up holiday decorations, spending time with loved ones, baking with your kids — but the holidays can also be one of the most stressful times of the year. During the holidays, you have to take on additional responsibilities on top of your existing work and family obligations, and it can be tough to fit it all in. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the pressure to be a welcoming host, gracious guest, perfect parent, or good gift-giver. If you don’t find ways to stay relaxed, holiday cheer can quickly turn into a major headache.

In this simultaneously joyous and chaotic time of year, it is important to remember to take time to consider your own physical and mental health alongside the needs of others.. That way, you can ensure that your stress won’t spill over and turn you into a Scrooge! Read on for some tips on how to stay relaxed and centered from Thanksgiving to New Year’s.

Setting a Schedule for Your Priorities

One of hardest things about the holiday season is finding the time to do everything you want. Over the next two months, you will probably find yourself constantly bombarded with invitations to holiday get-togethers and notifications about school and/or church community events. Plus, you have find a way to squeeze in time for your own traditions — whether it’s putting up the best lights display in the neighborhood or making your grandma’s favorite holiday fudge.

One strategy for staying relaxed while managing all of your holiday and everyday obligations is to create a basic schedule for yourself. While it is important to be flexible and leave room for spontaneity as opportunities for holiday celebration arise, it can be helpful to write out a general calendar for the next few months, outlining major events and daily priorities. Ideally, this should include a balance of holiday traditions and the things you regularly do to maintain your health.

The very fact of having a schedule can make the crazy days of the holidays feel less overwhelming. However, there are also key things you can add to the calendar that are ideal for lowering your stress levels. These include:


  • Regular exercise. One of the best ways to stay relaxed through stressful times is to make sure you are getting regular exercise. That can be a challenge during the holidays, when you might find yourself realizing, at the last minute, that it is impossible to fit in your evening walk and still make it to your friend’s annual White Elephant gift exchange. If you write out your schedule in advance, it is easier to figure out when you need to reschedule your workouts so that you can continue to reap the physical and mental health benefits of exercise without giving up the chance to enjoy holiday fun. In addition, when you write out your schedule, you may also want to make sure that your workout will not be disrupted by unpleasant winter weather.
  • Massage therapy / chiropractic care. To some people, massage therapy may sound like an unnecessary indulgence, but there is a good chance that scheduling a regular massage therapy session or chiropractic adjustment will significantly improve the quality of your holiday season. These services can reduce chronic pain and help keep your mind and body in balance. With just a short visit to the massage therapy office, you can reduce the risk that low back pain will distract you at your next holiday party and keep you from enjoying the festivities. Also, if you have the chance to get outside to enjoy winter sports — such as ice skating, sledding, or even a weekend away for a ski trip — a massage or chiropractic adjustment can help your body bounce back so you won’t end up sore and/or unmotivated to get your regular workout in.
  • Meals / nutrition. Navigating the holiday food scene is always a challenge, especially if you are concerned about maintaining a healthy weight. When things get hectic, it can be helpful to plan out your meals in advance. For instance, getting in a hearty, nutrient-dense breakfast can help ensure that you won’t find yourself starving at the end of the day and filling up on cookies at a late-night holiday party. With strategic meal planning, you can find ways to balance healthy meals while still fitting in holiday treats. If you need more help finding that balance, nutritional counseling can be a great resource.

Using Nutrition to Stay Relaxed

If you find yourself particularly wound up around holiday time, you may want to consider a nutritional supplement that helps you relax. Some of the formulations available today contain a combination of key nutrients that work together to provide the neurological support you need to stay relaxed.
At Atlanta Chiropractic and Wellness, you can find a variety of resources to help you stay relaxed during the holidays — including nutritional supplements, massage therapy, chiropractic services, and nutritional counseling. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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