Time to get your ESS in Shape

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You know what I’m talking about. 2011 is the prime time to focus on improving your ESS (endurance, strength, and structure). Having a strong ESS level can determine how well you respond to stress, perform at work, and on the playing field of sports and life.

When it comes to physical endurance and stamina, would you trust your body to get you through a long distance trek or emergency? Don’t let a low stamina level leave you home alone while everyone else is out enjoying the world. You can keep your endurance high and increase your vitality through cardiovascular and aerobic exercise that strengthens your heart, burns calories, and boosts energy.

Upping Your Strength and Endurance

You can decrease your need for sleep and build your body’s resistance to disease and injury with strength training. Strength training can be done with: weights, Pilates, yoga and other types of exercise. Strength training is also the key to getting rid of that sagging skin or muscle you may have noticed accumulating as you age.

If you are already an experienced strength trainer and have a routine, shake it up a little bit. Try increasing the amount you lift by 10 to 20 percent and ask someone to spot you.

Supporting Your Structure

When it comes to experiencing good health, the structure of your body is the architecture that lies underneath it all.

Your physical frame can either carry your weight well or not. It can strain to perform even the simplest tasks or effortlessly support you in both every day and competitive events.

Keeping your structure in shape will keep you looking good, prevent injuries, and speed healing time. You can support your structure by:

• evaluating your posture and weight balance

• getting regular chiropractic adjustments

• using ergonomically correct chairs, computer stations and mattresses

• using good posture when you exercise and the guidance of a trainer

Just as one foot can be larger than the other, it’s common for people to carry as much as three pounds more weight on one side or the other. Compensating for the imbalance can be painful and challenge the strength of your structure.

Chiropractic can put your body back in balance and correct your posture to prevent unnecessary strain and energy drain. It’s easy to keep your ESS in shape when you choose these simple self-care solutions that will help you enjoy optimal energy and health.

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