Why Chiropractic is Important for Children

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Common Questions Answered

Many people know that chiropractic is beneficial for adults, but did you know that children—even infants—can benefit as well? Today more parents than ever before are bringing their children to Doctors of Chiropractic for common health concerns and to support a healthy lifestyle. According to the Journal of Pediatrics, chiropractic is the most sought after form of holistic healthcare for Americans.

Is it safe to adjust a child?

Chiropractic is absolutely safe for children. Doctors of Chiropractic use very gentle and specific techniques for children. The purpose of chiropractic is to remove interference to the nervous system, which is the control center for all of the body’s organs, tissues and systems. Chiropractic adjustments release the body’s healing powers in children just like in adults.

Why do infants need chiropractic?

The birth process is highly traumatic and can introduce great stress to the infant’s skull, spine and pelvis. Infants should be checked by a chiropractor for spinal subluxations that may impair nerve function and can contribute to colic, earache and asthma. As babies grow, they begin to crawl, sit, and walk by using their spine. Proper alignment is essential for ensuring normal function.

Why do children need chiropractic?

Children are highly susceptible to trauma in their spines. Since spines grow rapidly during the first five years of life, checking for abnormalities during this time is critical for proper development. Though symptoms may not surface until years later, injury to vital nerves can result in a lifetime of serious health problems.

Chiropractic is especially necessary for young athletes in contact sports or informal recreation. However, parents bring their children to chiropractors for everyday health concerns such as asthma, common infections, bed-wetting, falls, ADD, and colds. Chiropractic care allows children to have better nerve function, which affects all of the body’s other systems, and develop to their highest potential.

Parents Use Chiropractors for their Healthcare Team

Today’s parents make sure they are well-informed when making healthcare choices for their children. With the rising concern about the side effects of drugs on their children, parents are hesitant to jump to medications to merely mask symptoms. They seek out natural healthcare solutions which support their children’s natural ability to be healthy. Chiropractic is a critical part of your family’s wellness lifestyle.

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